Three Reasons To Consider Feeding Alfalfa Hay To Your Horse

14 October 2016
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Horses have rather small stomachs, considering their size, and an extra large colon. The design is meant to move food quickly through the body while still extracting as many nutrients as possible. Horses developed as prey animals in the wild, able to run fast to outrun predators. By frequent foraging and elimination of waste, horses avoid carrying too much undigested food weight, which could slow them down. Domesticated horses are still foragers and thrive on diets with a larger percentage of hay than grains. Read More 

Fast Or Precise? Bahco Pruning Tools Can Help

21 September 2016
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Most people who have their own yards and landscapes to care for generally dread yard work because it is a long and tedious job. You could hurry the process up with electric tools, but then the job is less precise. If you want precision in how and where you prune your trees and shrubs, then hand tools might be a better option over the power versions. Whichever you choose, Bahco pruning tools offers all of the following. Read More