Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Tractor

26 August 2018
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If you have been using the same old tractor for many years, you may wonder if it may be time to invest in a new one. If so, consider the following reasons why the time has come for you to replace your old tractor with a new one.

Expansion of Your Crops 

In recent years, your tractor may have been able to handle the workload of the small acreage of land on which you grow your crops. You may have had no problems seeding, cultivating, and harvesting with the amount of power from your current tractor.

However, if you are planning to expand your crops to the backfield or have purchased a new piece of land on which to expand your crops, your tractor may not have enough power to handle the extra workload. Or, its engine may guzzle gas so quickly that it would cost you a fortune to fuel it.

Repairs Are Becoming a Regular Job

Another reason that you should consider replacing your old tractor is that repairs are becoming a regular part of your workday. Before you can even get started out in the field, you may find that you have to tinker with the engine just to get it started.

You may also find that you are having to replace motor parts on a weekly or monthly basis. If you are tired of spending your money just to keep your current tractor running, it is probably time to get a new one that you do not have to constantly repair before you can even work.

Tractor Struggles with Pulling Equipment

After years of hauling trailers and farm equipment, your tractor's engine is likely going to start losing power. Even if you do not have to make constant repairs on the motor, it may struggle every time you need to pull a cultivator or pull a trailer loaded with your harvest.

As time goes on, the struggling tractor will become slower when you try to use it, making it harder to fit in all of the work you need to do during the day because you have to have extra time to drive it. If you replace your tractor with one with newer technology and more horsepower, you would no longer have to feel as though you are dragging to get your work done.

If you are facing any of the situations above, your old tractor may no longer have what it takes to do the job you need it to do. Contact an agricultural supplier that sells farm equipment to discuss your options for finding a new tractor.