Fast Or Precise? Bahco Pruning Tools Can Help

21 September 2016
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Most people who have their own yards and landscapes to care for generally dread yard work because it is a long and tedious job. You could hurry the process up with electric tools, but then the job is less precise. If you want precision in how and where you prune your trees and shrubs, then hand tools might be a better option over the power versions. Whichever you choose, Bahco pruning tools offers all of the following.


Most people know secateurs by a different name--manual scissors pruner. These pruning shears often contain crescent-shaped blades that are super-sharp and handles that help the blades cut like a pair of scissors. The difference with Bahco pruning shears is that you can buy parts to build your own, including the power springs that allow you to exert greater force through every snip. You can change the length, curve, shape and even the sharpness of the blades too.


There is no such thing as a single type of loppers. Orchard loppers, light loppers, expert landscaper loppers--all of these reflect the very different kinds of loppers you can use and the lengths and heights to which you can reach when you need to prune your trees and hedges. Even the cutting blades and applied force in these loppers are different.

Grass Shears

Some people are just that meticulous about the height of their grass. They want it all uniform, and the only way to do that is to go along with a grass shears after the lawn has been mowed and clip all blades that seemed to have escaped the power mower. Usually, an electric grass shears is ideal so that you are not laying down in the grass or stooping over to clip a blade here and then clip a blade over there. However, if you are very particular about your grass and your lawn's height, Bahco does offer a variety of manual grass shears too.

Landscaping Cordless Power Tools

If you are the type of homeowner that likes to bypass precise and time-consuming and just get the job done, then there are several cordless landscaping power tools too. You do not need an outdoor outlet for any of these, or extension cords either. They do need to sit on a charger in your shed or garage, but then they are ready to use any time. With no cords getting in the way, they make short work of your yard chores.

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