3 Best Drought-Friendly Annuals to Plant in Your Flower Pots

16 April 2015
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Just because you live somewhere that is experiencing a drought right now does not mean you have to miss out on having some color in your yard this summer. Fill your flower pots up with one of the three drought-friendly annuals listed below. These beautiful flowers require minimal water while providing your yard with maximum color.

Spreading Petunias

Petunias are most of the most popular summer flowers. Petunias come in a variety of different colors. You can find solid, striped, and ruffled colored petunias. Petunia flowers tend to be about three to four inches wide.

In a drought area, you should purchase spreading petunias. A single spreading petunia plant can grow up between ten to sixteen inches tall, and can spread out about two feet. The following varieties of petunias will all spread out:

  • Cascadia
  • Supertunia
  • Surfinia
  • Wave

Two to three of these spreading petunia plants can easily fill up a 12-inch wide pot.


For a little variety, plants some verbena among your petunias or in their own flower pots. Verbenas can be purchased in a variety of different colors, although some of the most popular and easy to find verbena colors tend to be purple shades. The verbena consists of lots of little flowers. The flowers are only about an inch or so wide. However, the flowers grow closely together.

The verbena plant can tolerate hot, dry weather really well. It does not need a lot of water to survive and thrive. These flowers usually spread out about ten to twelve inches, and grow about as high.


This is another drought-resistant flower thrives in flower pots. The flowers on the lantana are quite small, and tend to grow in little clusters right next to each other. Most lantana plants come in a variety of colors, such as various shades of yellow or orange.

The lantana tends to only grow about eight inches tall. However, each plant can spread out over four feet. A single plant or two can fill up an entire medium-sized flower pot.


All of the flowers listed above thrive in the sunshine. Be sure to place the flower pots somewhere where they will spend at least half of the day or more in the sunshine.

Since these are drought-resistant plants, you only need to water them about once a week. Place a bucket in your shower and collect the cold water that comes out before your shower warms up, and use this water on your plants once a week. That way, you keep your water consumption low while still getting to enjoy a bright and colorful yard! For assistance, talk to a professional like Bob Williams Nursery Inc.