The Bad Luck Is Coming From Outside The House: Feng Shui And Your Trees

6 April 2015
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Hey, homeowner! You know those lovely, leafy trees you have out front, the ones with rambling branches providing shade all the way to the edge of your roof? It turns out they might not be such a lovely influence on your luck. In the art of feng shui, energy needs to flow smoothly and freely, and those trees could be blocking, deflecting, or hurling energy toward your home in not-so-good way. By trimming those trees and keeping your yard neat, you can mitigate a lot of feng-shui-inspired problems, potentially increasing your happiness and the harmony in your home.

Energy-Blocking Canopies

Trees that have been left to grow unchecked can be a real problem, because the thick canopies block energy. On a more practical level, those thick canopies don't allow for airflow, creating pockets of greater humidity among the leaves. That can make disease more likely to take hold, especially fungal infections. Call in a tree service like Sylvester's Tree Service and have them remove any branches that are growing in toward the center of the canopy -- they don't always all grow outward -- and have them open up the canopy to allow for better airflow.

Overly Energetic Branches

Branches that extend toward your home could be focusing energy on the structure, giving the energy a speedy boost that sends it barreling into your home. This is sometimes called killing energy. The practical side is that branches that are too close to the home can cause damage if they break and fall, and they can spread flames to the roof more easily than branches that have been cut back. Get a tree service in there to trim back branches and give the tree a better shape overall.

Lousy Leaf Litter

Leaf litter is the outdoor equivalent of clutter and mess. As charming as a leaf-strewn lawn can be in fall, you really do want to clean that up. Whether you rake the leaves up yourself or have a tree service sweep them away, clearing the lawn will make the whole property look neater and better cared for, which in turn will promote positive energy. Of course, cleaning up leaves just makes your house look better in general and removes potential storm-drain-clogging debris, regardless of feng shui.

You'll notice all three of those have something in common: Cleaning up the tree in a way that promotes practical health for the plant also leads to better feng shui. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you believe in feng shui or not -- taking those steps will have practical effects anyway.

If you would like to get your trees cleaned up and cared for in an effort to make your home's feng shui much, much better -- or just to make your place look better in general -- call a tree service today. Get certified arborists and experienced workers to transform your trees into not only things of beauty, but of positive health as well.